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Dear friends, its my pleasure to introduce our corporation to you.

China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) established in 1980, since when it grows and expands along with Chinas reform and opening up. Over years of business operation, we have been always advocating the win-win development with customers, employees and partners. We pursue everlasting corporate management, insist on integrating the idea of social responsibility into the corporate strategy and daily operations, assume responsibility for stakeholders, society and the environment in the entire process of international operations, and strive to maximize the integrated economic, social and environmental value.

In the following years, while consolidating and expanding the company's market-leading advantages, we will further strengthen our advantages in strategic resources, technology integration and team collaboration, continue to nurture and enhance our core competencies, and accelerate efforts for development in transformation, innovation and leadership, so as to grow into a first-class multinational corporation with comprehensive competitive advantages in market, resources, technology, etc.

We look forward to cooperating closely with overseas friends for mutual benefit and work together to create a better future!

                                                                      President Mr.ZHI Yulin