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Its services include logistics, real estate, hospitality, international exhibitions and property assets, etc.

NORIMC Logistics Co., Ltd. runs the logistics business of the corporation, mainly involving the international project logistics business, with extensive experience and expertise in over-sized and super-large equipment transportation, project logistics, overall plant relocation, complete equipment transportation, transport of dangerous goods, etc. Relying on a professional elite team, entire process of dynamic information network technology support, complete agent organizations and good relationship with major shipping companies, it has completed dozens of transnational door-to-door logistics businesses.

NORINCO WK Properties Co., Ltd runs the real estate business of the corporation, which actively explores the external market while integrating the internal land resources, and conducts project development and reserves land resources through land market bidding, auction and listing and strategic partnership. At present, it has successfully developed two low-density residential projects - Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone and Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone, and Beijing Shijingshan Yinhe business district block F.

NORINCO Easun Hotel Management Co., Ltd runs the hotel business of the corporation. The hotels under its jurisdiction are throughout Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Taiyuan and other places, which cover a total of 167,600 square meters, with 1,086 rooms and total property assets of RMB 1,243 million. The hospitality industry adheres to the professional, group and scale development route, and strives to create a well-known hotel management brand, so as to become the effective strength among Chinas local hotel management companies.

North International Exhibition Co., Ltd. operates the international exhibition business of the corporation. As one of the international exhibitors jointly authorized by Ministry of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, it engages in organizing domestic exhibitors to participate in a variety of professional and comprehensive exhibitions held abroad. It has established partnership with large-scale exhibition agencies of European and Asia-Pacific countries, with extensive experience in organizing exhibitions and good service reputation. At the same time, it actively explores the domestic large-scale international exhibition market, and has created many well-known exhibition brands including China International Defense Exhibition, International Construction Machinery Exhibition, International Special Professional Car Exhibition and Beijing International Disaster Relief Equipment & Technology Exhibition.