NORINCO Holds 2015Love in Xicheng Joint Donation 

From Nov. 26 to 27, NORINCO mobilized the employees to participate in the Love in Xicheng joint donation. Nearly 1,000 employees from the corporation and subsidiaries in Beijing donated RMB 57,730 in total.

Jointly initiated by nine government sectors including Civil Affairs Bureau of Xicheng District, the donation campaign targeted specific disaster-affected areas in Beijing, people in straitened circumstancesinXicheng District, and people in impoverished areas aided by Xicheng District, and supported local public welfare through aid to the impoverished, the elderly, the disabled, as well as education and medical care. During the event, the branch trade unions of the corporation and basic-level trade unions actively organized the employees to donate. The executives at different levels and Party members took the lead to donate, and the staff actively responded, reflecting the corporate culture and social responsibility of NORINCO to alleviate poverty.