BurmeseNGOs and Media Visit Wanbao Mining Ltd.


On Nov. 20, 10 Burmese NGOs includingBurmese Social Welfare Associationand Myanmar Egress and media delegation of Yangon researching and studying in China visited Wanbao Mining Ltd. Both sides had an informal discussion on the Monywa Copper Mine project.

Wanbao Mining extended warm welcome to the visiting mission of Myanmar, and briefed the basics of Wanbao. In the panel discussion, the representatives of NORINCO introduced in detailthe Monywa Copper Mine project, and whatWanbao Mining has done to boost the development of local community and economy and improve the living standard of local residents. The visiting missionhailed the efforts of Wanbao Mining in environmental conservation, community & social development (CSD), small and medium-size enterprise (SME) program, unemployment compensation and employee training, and expressed their belief that the Monywa Copper Mine project would set an example for other foreign-funded enterprises to invest in Myanmar and perform their corporate social responsibilities. Moreover, both sides also made in-depth exchanges and discussion on how to promote the development of local community and economy, and how to better familiarize local residents with the project.