NORINCO Holds the Second Session of the EighthEmployees Congress




On January 11-12, NORINCO held the Second Session of the Eighth Employees Congress.

The congress deliberated and adopted the 2015 work report and 2016 work plan by President Zhi Yulin. The executive team reported on their work to the staff representatives and middle-level cadres. The staff representativesconducted democratic appraisal on the leadership in such areas as comprehensive examination and assessment, talents selection and utilization, and integrity and self-discipline. The Financial Division briefed the expenditure of the labor union in 2015.

During the meeting, the staff representatives conducted active, pragmatic and conscientious panel discussions, providingtheir opinions and suggestions. The executive team actively participated in the discussion of the staff representatives, lent an ear to the constructive opinions and suggestions, and made exchanges on issues of common concern.

Zhi Yulin delivered an important speech at the closing ceremony. He expressed his excitement about the proactive engagement of staff representatives to responsibly provide opinions and suggestions. This, he said, reflects the good wish to drive corporate development with concerted efforts and the spirit of devotion and commitment. After the congress, the company will sort out and make special study on the opinions, suggestions and proposals of the representatives, and actively respond to and implement them.

Zhi Yulin stressed that with the common efforts of all cadres and employees, NORINCOhas proactively adapted to and lead the New Normal, and madegreat effortsin promoting reform and innovation, improving its capability, implementing lean management and expediting transformation and upgrading.As a result, the company has fulfilled its operation objectives in the 12th Five-Year Plan period, and taken a steady step towards the ambition of becoming a world-class multi-national company. The adoption of the work report indicates that the work of the company in 2015 is recognized by the congress, and the work objective for 2016 is supported by the staff. In the new year, the cadres and employees should work together with one heart to have a new,good beginning in the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

The congress wrapped up successfully amid the solemn The International.